Wondering What to Buy For Mother’s Day? The Lunchbox That Just got a Much-Needed Makeover

Let’s face it, we all know that bringing your lunch to work is faster, cheaper and so much healthier. But many women are left with the issue of what to carry it in.

When you google “lunchboxes” you see tons of options for little kids (think tin lunchboxes with cartoons) and for men (hello, L.L. Bean) but nothing for women who want to both look and feel their best…well until Modern Picnic came along that is.

Modern Picnic has completely reinvented the wheel by providing women with a chic alternative to the traditional lunchbox we all know (and hate) with an insulated interior and vegan leather exterior. As their founder, Ali Kaminetsky, said, “We felt the lunchbox needed a much overdue makeover…so we gave it one.”

Now you can take your lunch bag from work to the gym, to dinner and anywhere in between and no one has to know you are toting around your leftovers.

As Kaminetsy stated, “Women should not have to sacrifice their style to eat right; you can have both.”

Modern Picnic’s insulated vegan-leather lunch boxes are so chic, she’ll actually want to bring her lunch to work, and better yet…no one would ever have to know what was inside.

It also comes complete with a removable shoulder strap, a magnetic closure, an interior utensil slot, and comes in six different colors.

At $149, the luncher seriously makes the perfect gift for working women who bring
their lunch, new moms who want an elevated baby bag, moviegoers who don’t want to overpay for unhealthy snacks, travelers who don’t want to eat airplane food and everyone in between.

Kaminetsky has called these bags “the Birkin of lunchboxes” and we have to say we agree.

If this hasn’t sold you enough, we were able to get an exclusive discount code until May 15th, so head over to modernpicnic.com and use the code “rethink15” for 15% off your order. Trust us, you won’t regret it.

Happy lunching!

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