Why You Need a White Suit This Spring

It’s called a power suit for a reason, and it’s a powerful fashion trend. Women’s suits have always been a staple, and a great go-to item when you want to look professional or powerful and still stay in style. But the big trend in suits this year is crisp white. Pulling off this look well is a true fashion power move.

Dazzling Fashion

Notoriously difficult to wear because it’s so hard to keep clean, bright white immediately catches the eye and singles out your style. All white looks bold, clean and confident. The tailored look is on trend right now, so choose a white suit that fits well and flatters your natural shape. Fitted or slack pants, a white blouse and a blazer are going to turn heads everywhere you go.

The white suit isn’t as limiting a fashion choice as you may think. There are a few variations you can do to play with this look and tailor it to your style. 

Make the look a little bit sexier, and choose to wear a low-cut blouse — or even no blouse at all. Keep your blazer buttoned to show off some skin and maybe even a hint of cleavage. Pair this look with black heels, and it’s fierce enough for any evening out.

Soften up the look with wide-legged pants. A slightly looser style is more casual and elegant. Remember, you can be powerful and still show a little vulnerability.

If the all-white look just feels like a bit much, wear a different colored blouse under your suit to play around with contrast. You can also add a silk scarf to your neck to add a pop of color to an all-white look.

Another White Suit

If you like the white suit look but you need to make it even more casual, try a white jumpsuit. They made a splash on fashion runways during all the spring shows, and they are a stunning way to show off your style. Pair a white jumpsuit with neutral or clear accessories to allow the dazzling white to stand out and be the star of your outfit.

A simple one-piece cover-all jumpsuit is a super simple way to dress down the white suit trend and still dazzle with your fashion. Pair it with black sunglasses to create a stunning style.

How to Wear White

What’s the secret of wearing white? It’s best to cover your clothing before you eat or drink. Carry a stain-removing stick with you in case of smudges. Be confident. You can pull off any fashion look if you’re self-assured. You look great. Know it, own it and wear it.

The Essential Spring Suit

The all-white suit is an essential spring wardrobe staple. With it, you’re ready for a power lunch or an evening date. You’re prepared for a meeting at work or an afternoon of shopping. The power suit is a fashion statement, and this year white is the essential color to get the right style and the trendy look that you are going to feel great in.

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