Which Foods Will Satiate You the Longest?

Being on a diet can mean eating sparingly or eating selectively, but it doesn’t necessarily mean you need to starve yourself as often as you can. Feeling hungry all the time will make you irritable, and the hunger pains are a sign that you’re low on energy and your body’s needs aren’t being met. Want to diet smarter? Try the satiating diet, and make yourself feel full every time you eat.

Filling Foods

Even when you’re dieting, you can feel full and satisfy your body’s needs for energy. There are many low-calorie foods that are filling and satisfying. Pack these into your diet, and you can eat lots of hearty meals without packing on those extra pounds.

Eggs are high in protein and rich in nutrients, so they are good at filling you up. Eggs can also be cooked in a wide variety of ways, so you can eat them frequently without getting tired of eating them too quickly. Try making omelets, hard-boiled eggs, poached eggs and frittatas, all of which can be cooked with olive oil or non stick spray.

Oatmeal, Greek yogurt, chia seeds, berries, soups, fish and lean meats are the staples of a satiating diet. Incorporate these items into your meals and snacks to satisfy your hunger and give your body the energy and nutrients it needs. Healthy fats are encouraged on the satiating diet, like avocados.

Satiate Yourself

Look for foods that are high in protein. This is the most filling macronutrient. You should also look for foods that are high in fiber. Because fiber is naturally bulky, it helps you feel fuller longer. An added benefit of fiber is that it will keep your digestive track moving, so you will be able to shed even more pounds.

Add lots of vegetables and fruits to your meals and snacks as well. Steam your veggies, and use aromatics like onions and garlic to add a lot of flavor, rather than relying on butter and salt.

The Satiating Diet

The satiating diet has been compared to a cross between the keto diet and the Mediterranean diet. As long as you stick to foods that make you feel full and satisfy your hunger pains, you will find that dieting to be a healthier you isn’t so bad after all.

Play around with the satiating diet. Find out which foods satisfy you and make you feel full, and you’ll find the secret to sticking with a diet and shedding those extras pounds. Once you know how to eat satiating foods, you can make dietary changes that stick with you for life to keep yourself at the healthy weight you want.

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