Staying Healthy on Adventure Travels

Going on a mountain climb or just taking a day hike at a local mountain park can be a fun and physically intense adventure. Trainers and adventure tour guides say you should not avoid active travel because you fear physical limitations will hold you back, but if you do go on that adventure, you should take responsibility for keeping yourself safe and healthy.

Don’t assume you’re ready for an exciting adventure trip just because you work out regularly in the gym. Don’t mistake walking on the treadmill or climbing the stair master for hiking on rugged terrain. Test out nearby trails with weights in a backpack. You will find some muscles you haven’t used in a while will become sore, but this is good if you are doing it far enough in advance. Don’t delay your training until the last few days before departure.

Musculoskeletal health depends on stretching as well as cardio and core strength. Try a few yoga movements before a cardio-heavy hike.

Take care of your feet. Break in your shoes well before an adventure so that you don’t suffer from blisters and hotspots. Regularly change your socks on the trail to keep your feet clean and dry. Learn how to treat hotspots and blisters on the go.

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