Tips for Creating the Perfect Holiday Wish List

Holiday wish lists can be challenging to put together: When it comes time to put pen to paper, we seem to draw a complete blank on everything we want or need. So, rather than asking for things just for the sake of asking, try these tips for creating the perfect wish list.

Use An App

Just like you can register for wedding gifts, several websites and apps such as offer opportunities for you to “register” your holiday wish list. These apps are perfect for sharing the specific items you want with friends and family, ensuring that you receive what you want.

Start Early

Especially with this year’s supply-chain issues, it’s important to start your holiday shopping (and wish list creation) early. It helps your loved ones get a head start and ensures you take note of items you love as you come across them.

Create Subcategories

Breaking your list down by category and subcategory helps keep it organized and also helps with ideation. For example, when you create categories, such as vinyl records, you can spend your time thinking about which records you want. You can break your categories down by usage (such as kitchen) or by type (such as books). However you break it down, you’re more likely to think about what you want for each category, giving you a more comprehensive list.

Prioritize Your List

We know we aren’t likely to get everything on our wish lists, and that’s okay. When you prioritize your wish list, you ensure the things you actually need are at the top of the list – and those that are “nice to have” are at the bottom. This helps your family and friends better prioritize their gift-giving.

Drop Things You Don’t Want

Before sharing your wish list, make sure you remove anything you don’t really want or need. Make those edits now before you end up opening a gift you already have at home on Christmas morning.

Have tips for creating the perfect holiday wish list? Share with us in the comments below!

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