The Fanny Pack is Back, But It’s Not the Same

Remember fanny packs? The original fanny packs were on the tacky side, but still a staple of everyday fashion. They’ve been back for a while now, but they have evolved in many ways. It’s time to change everything you know about modern fanny packs because they are not at all what you remember.

Fashion Comeback

They say that all trends come around again, but you probably never expected to see fanny packs on Instagram. When the likes of Beyonce, Kate Hudson, and even men like Matthew McConaughey are wearing it, you know it’s trendy. Fanny packs became one of the stars of Fashion Week, and that’s because they’ve been given an overhaul. What’s different about today’s fanny packs? Now, they’ve got countless new designs that are unlike the packs from the past.

Belt-On Fashion

Fanny packs today are more like an accessory belt. Forget about those flexible cloth straps with the plastic buckles from before. Many of today’s fanny packs are attached to high-fashion belts with more solid straps in designs made from denim, faux leather and other high-end materials.

Fanny packs are also known as “belt bags” now, and they are one of the hottest accessories to have. You can even find double bag styles where there are two packs on the same belt. You know, for the person that wants it all.

How to Wear the Trend

If you’re going to wear the latest trends, you need to know how. Many of the trendiest fanny pack styles are worn right in the center or off to the side. Some designs are even made to be worn across your chest from your shoulder. Find a fit that’s comfortable for you, and start getting used to wearing your bag in a whole new way.

The best thing about the fanny pack trend is that by wearing your bag, it will encourage you to minimize the items you take with you. You can put the heavy handbags and bulky purses away, and focus on carrying only the essentials.

Fashionable Fanny Packs

Fanny packs can be worn with any style. Play around with this trend, and you may just enjoy wearing this homage to the 90’s fashion.

It’s time to start thinking of fanny packs as a high-fashion look — because that’s the direction it’s heading in.

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