Curly and Curtain Bangs For The Win

Bangs are back in style, with so many style choices to choose from. Some of the biggest trends in bangs are curly and curtain bangs. They both provide more of a relaxed, elegant look, which is great for spring and summer. 

Curly Bangs

Curly hair is famously hard to manage, so wearing bangs if you have curly hair may seem like borrowing trouble; but the trick to wearing bangs when you have curls is all in the cut. Your bangs should fall to brow length across the middle, and angle toward the temples at a slightly longer length. Picture a semicircle, and you have an idea of how this cut should look.

With slightly longer bangs, you have the option of pulling them back whenever you want a no-bangs look. Trim your bangs when your hair is dry so you can make sure you have the right length for your curls.

Curtain Bangs

The name of this style says it all. Curtain bangs hang down longer than most bang styles and usually include long side fringe. They are lightweight and wispy and they won’t be weighing down your forehead. The side fringe can range in length from the tops of your cheeks to your jawbone, depending on the look you like best.

Wear curtain bangs on a center part so you can brush them away from your eyes and create a wispy, face-framing fringe. Curtain bangs are very flattering on a variety of face shapes. Curtain bangs are also very manageable, and they’ll grow out beautifully when you’ve decided you’re done wearing bangs.

Wearing Bangs

You don’t need to have specific features to wear bangs. There are many bang styles to choose from if you are looking for a hair mix-up. Work with your stylist and play around with the look a little to see what you like best. Just start out long, and trim your bangs shorter as desired until you see a style that suits you. Wearing bangs is trendy right now, and that means it’s a perfect time to try out this look.

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