The Right Way To Apply Bronzer

The sun-kissed look is hot as ever this spring. When you know how to put it on the right way, bronzer gives you a natural looking glow that gives your face warmth and definition and shows your features off in the best way. And when you’re putting bronzer on the wrong way…well, the end result sometimes isn’t so great.

Finding the Right Shade

Wearing bronzer begins with finding the right shade to match your skin tone. You don’t want to end up create an orangey look, and you definitely don’t want to go too dark. Just look for a bronzer that’s close to your own skin tone. You don’t need to wear a dark bronzer to get a beautiful, sunkissed look. Neutrogena Healthy Skin Blends bronzer comes in palettes with multiple shades, so you can go even further with your contouring if you like.

Where to Put Your Bronzer

Bronzer should be applied across the top of your forehead at the hairline from temple to temple. Sweep a line of bronzer from the apples of your cheeks across your face to your ear. Again, use small, circular motions to put on your bronzer. Add a line of bronzer down each side of your nose, right outside the “bridge” area. Next, sweep some bronzer along the bottom edge of your jawline to the base of your chin to give your chin more definition. Blend down the neck to complete the natural look.

Applying Bronzer the Right Way

Use a brush to put bronzer on; don’t use a powder pad or your fingers. Gently swirl your brush into the bronzer, tap off the excess, and sweep across your skin in small circular strokes. After you apply the bronzer, blend it in to achieve a beautiful, finished look.

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