Sun-Kissed Or Kissed By A Ghost? Tanning Season Is In Session

From hair color, eyeshadow designs, nail shades and beyond, beauty trends always change and evolve. Skin is no exception. So is yours ready for summer? Is the tan look in or out, and how can you get the right look when the skin trend is always fluctuating?

For centuries, the trend of being pale skinned vs having a deep tan glow have gone back and forth. Having a slightly to very sun-kissed glow is popular again, but there are a few more factors when figuring out the tanning trend. Health is something to take into consideration when you are thinking about going tanning. Being in the sun is good for you with appropriate sunblock, but it isn’t necessarily healthy to be out all day every day. Tanning beds are a thing of the past; no matter what you may hear at tanning salons, the cumulative damage caused by UV radiation can lead to skin cancer and premature aging. If you want a tan, sun-loved look, do it with sunless options. The variety of ways to look tan is bigger than ever. Try lotions, sprays or creams, and find an option that gives you the warm glow you want. The St Tropez tanning line is one of our favorites.

Because sun can do damage to your skin, many are opting to cover up rather than darken their tone under the sun’s rays. Being pale is beautiful, and many Hollywood celebs have embraced this look.

Tan skin is in style, but pale skin isn’t out of style. The best thing you can do to get a great look is to choose what looks and feels best on you. If you like the look of pale skin, wear it! If you want to be tan, try a sunless option. The great thing about using tanning products is that they fade away after a few showers or a couple weeks depending on what method you use, so you can get rid of a tan if you decide it’s just not for you.

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