The Bridge Between Us: Becoming One in Marriage

Relationships are ever-evolving. We are constantly growing and learning lessons together and from each other. And, let’s be honest: It’s not always easy, which is why we recommend reading The Bridge Between Us: Becoming One in Marriage ($14.95). This book is inspiring in the sense that it takes on ways to address difficulties in relationships in order to have successful, healthy connections. The book looks at many key angles to understanding what we need to make our relationships grow.

The Author

Dr. Rick D. Merritt is a clinical psychologist and certified marriage and family counselor. He also has certifications in addiction and recovery, premarital and marital coaching, and life stress coaching.

Key Takeaways

Dr. Merritt’s book teaches the reader how to repair “rundown bridges” in relationships. Here are some key takeaways:

  • Relationships need to be built with the correct pieces in order to be sound enough to hold the weight of marriage.
  • A relationship should never be about winning. “If your goal is to win at all costs no matter the damage, be assured, there will be damage,” Merritt says.
  • You must dismiss the notion that marriage will complete you. Marriage will not make a broken person whole.
  • It’s important to learn how to make room for your partner’s individuality without feeling the need to fix what you don’t like about them.

There are many more lessons in this easy-to-read relationship book. The book is followed by a quick couple’s true-false questionnaire that will inspire conversation and give you food for thought. Whether you are currently experiencing relationship woes or simply want to learn the tools to help you handle future difficulties, The Bridge Between Us will give you a foundation to build upon in your path to growth.

Real Talk

If you are interested in learning more about Dr. Rick D. Merritt, visit his website. You can also check out his podcast Real Talk on Scene.


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