The Best Easy Snacks For The Road

No muss, no fuss snacks are the way to fight off hunger pangs on the road. Reduce in-flight spillage and messes with individually wrapped items that need no preparation, mixing or stirring. Leave at home candy that melts, smears or requires cleanup. Think healthy finger foods for the best travel tidbits. Protein fills you up and crunchy items help relieve stress and in-flight boredom.

Sunflower seeds

Sunflower seeds contain heart healthy nutrients like magnesium.


Nuts provide energy, fiber, and healthy nutrients.

Mozzarella string cheese and apple slices

This combo offers belly-filling protein plus a little healthy fat and some complex carbohydrates.

Hardboiled eggs

Protein keeps your hunger down and your energy up.

Carrot sticks

Munch away with hardly any calories.

Bell Pepper Strips

Bell pepper strips are loaded with soluble fiber to help with your digestion.


Low-calorie favorite that’s a whole grain packed with filling fiber.

Dried Fruit

Single-serving bags will keep you from overeating.

Dry-roasted edamame or chickpeas

Satisfying crunch and highly nutritious.

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