Use This Website to Get the Perfect Seat

Tired of finding yourself stuck behind the bulkhead with no leg room when you finally board the airplane? Head over to to check out every last detail of your assigned seat before it’s too late to move away from the bathroom. The website aims to give savvy travelers the inside scoop with aircraft seat maps and seat reviews from other passengers.

Color coding reveals the best seats and substandard seats to avoid. If you place your mouse over the seat in question, comments will appear to explain why a seat is a poor choice. Red usually means many problems such as no window, limited recline or legroom or reduced seat width. A seat colored white is considered a standard seat. Standard seats are usually preferable to yellow seats, and always preferable to red seats.

Want a seat that will recline or access to power outlets? Want to learn about seat pitch so you’ll know how much leg room to expect?  Hint: the more seat pitch the better. The site gives the lowdown on inflight amenities, flight shopping and airlines.

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