Taking On an Advanced Role in Your Career

Advancing in your career is a challenge, especially if your current employer hasn’t established a clear trajectory for your position within the company. If you’re ready to take on a more senior role in your organization or advance in your industry as a whole, follow these tips.

Go Above and Beyond

Taking on additional responsibilities is more work, but so is any step up in your career. So, if you’re looking to impress your boss and show you’re capable of that next step, start going above and beyond to prove it. Request new responsibilities, take on tasks without being asked, and demonstrate your ability to juggle multiple projects at once.

Educate Yourself

Sometimes, the thing blocking you from advancing in your career is your level of education. This doesn’t necessarily mean you need a doctorate, but if you’re missing key skills, it’s worth getting the training. For instance, if you haven’t led a team before, ask for management training. If you’re not familiar with a specific program, take an online course and become certified. If you don’t understand an aspect of your boss’ job, ask them to mentor you. There are many ways you can arm yourself with knowledge and skills to reach the next level.

Lay Out Your Goals

It could be that your boss doesn’t even know that you aspire to move up the ladder. In fact, they may not know what your career goals are in general. Laying out your goals, not only for yourself but also for your supervisor, is so important. Let them know what you hope to get out of your role and begin that conversation regarding your next steps within the organization. This can help you gauge if you have a roadmap to success or if there isn’t much of a future for you there. Either way, this allows you to start making decisions regarding your next step.


Sometimes, your next step up isn’t at your current company. Networking outside your organization lets you see what else is out there and where your professional life could take you. Just because there isn’t a promotion available at your company doesn’t mean there won’t be a higher-up position at another. Make sure you’re keeping your options open, familiarizing yourself with the field and making the necessary moves when it’s time to level up.

Demonstrate Your Value

You have value to your company, whether or not your higher-ups always see it. Rather than waiting for them to recognize you, make your presence known. Yes, you can achieve this by going above and beyond in your duties, but you can also engrain yourself in the company as a whole by joining any employee resource groups, showing up to company-sponsored events, and volunteering to help across the organization. The more you show your employer how much you care about it and are involved in it, the more likely you are to be valued.

The next step in your career isn’t as far away as you think; it just takes some successful navigation to get there!

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