Take Your Mask to The Next Level with These Accessories

Not too long ago we talked about how masks emerged as one of the biggest necessary trends of the summer, and now, designers, brands, and influencers everywhere are bringing this trend to the next level. Now that masks have become a part of every outfit, isn’t it time we learned how to accessorize our masks? Sure, the mask is treated as an accessory in itself, but for fashion lovers everywhere, we’re excited to explore the endless possibilities of turning our masks from pieces of cloth on our face into wardrobe-enhancing styling pieces. Here’s how to embrace wearing a mask—in the most stylish way possible.

Matching Scrunchies

If you’re like me, running and walking outside has become a major activity in your life. In the summer heat, I’m usually masked up and hair up at the same time. Small business Clothe Your Mouth has discovered a way to make wearing a mask in this heat a bit more bearable. Not only do they make masks specially made for an active lifestyle, but they also offer matching scrunchies in the same fabrics as the masks they make. Get out there and show everyone that mask wearing isn’t only smart, it’s chic. Click here.

Glam Mask Layers

This accessory is for the girl who wants to enjoy her nights at outdoor bars, but wants to do it safely (and fashionably).

Step 1: Put on your classic fabric mask.

Step 2: Layer on a statement chainmail accessory from GRLFRND. This is the quintessential statement piece to let people know you care about their health but also, you’re not going to sacrifice a good outfit. You really can have it all. Click here for silver and here for gold.

Mask Chains

Think of mask chains as Croakies meets a necklace. Many brands have started manufacturing stunning necklace-like chains that can easily be attached to the loops of your mask for security and fashion. Whether you love something minimal or want to make a big statement with your mask chain, this style has become so popular that there’s something out there for everyone. If you’ve been following along in the fashion headlines, you’ll know that Second Wind, a small business based in New York, has emerged on the scene as a brand to watch in terms of mask fashion. They make their products in small batches, so collections sell out quickly. Visit their website to get on the pre-order list, so you don’t miss out on these one-of-a-kind mask chains. Click here.


When all else fails, pairing your favorite sunnies with your mask is the ultimate incognito look. It gives you an air of mystery, and lets you easily hide from acquaintances you don’t want to talk to on the street. That’s what we call a win-win.

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