Positive Instagram Accounts That Will Make You Feel Good

Sadly, there is no shortage of negativity on social media these days, but that’s why it’s so important to ensure your feed incorporates as much positivity as possible! So say goodbye to the haters and start following the accounts that are going to help make you feel better about the mindless scrolling!


We can’t count the times we’ve wished there could be a news source that only focused on the good things happening in the world. Now, that wish has been granted! The Happy News mixes positive headlines with bright colors, bold fonts, and stories about dreams coming true, science changing (and saving) lives, and baby animals.


If you like to move it, shake it, and flip your hair to feel-good hits, you’ve got to give School of SOS a follow. This Instagram account is dedicated to making people feel strong, beautiful, and empowered through step-by-step routines. The best part? You can tune in on Instagram Live for free.


Animal lovers, rejoice! There is a good chance this account will make you tremendously happy. The page features cute pets, animal rights campaigns, and stories of successful rescues.


This account is everything you think it is – in the best way. Your feed will be colorful, encouraging, and kind with posts like positive things to do in the new year, like drinking more water, trying a new hobby, or investing in your community, along with journal prompts, mental health check-ins, and funny videos.


We don’t know who created this page, but we are so glad they did! It is, in fact, full of animals doing things – like chickens stealing leaves from ants, dogs locking cats in showers, and raccoons just being raccoons. If you need a quick chuckle, this account doesn’t disappoint.


This account is all about inspiring women, whether through book recommendations, gentle self-love reminders, or videos about discontinued snacks from the ’90s. Join the girl gang and feel the love.


Good Gym combines exercise and doing good (hence the name). During the pandemic, members dropped off food packages and provided support for healthcare workers. Its description states, “We run, walk, and cycle to missions to help end loneliness and help communities.” We think that is pretty amazing.


Many of us struggle with a less-than-positive body image, but this account exists to combat that. You can expect the posts to bring out all the good vibes and inspiration to remind you that your self-worth isn’t determined by what your body looks like.


What started as a photography project soon became one of the most popular blogs ever. Each post is about a New Yorker sharing a personal story about love, life, challenges, courage, and victories. The really cool thing about Humans of New York is that it has inspired similar projects worldwide.

What are some of your favorite positive social media accounts? Share them with us in the comments below!


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