Men’s 2023 Fashion Trends

New year, new fashion trends. Let’s look at what the most stylish men will be donning in 2023.

Sleek Trench Coats

It’s about time the guys hopped aboard this classic trend. 2023 is a minimalist’s dream come true, meaning the coats are long, single-breasted, and not silhouette-defining like traditional styles we’re familiar with. They are perfect for any man’s capsule wardrobe, and because of the neutral color and lighter material, they can be worn practically year-round.

Our Pick: SSense Essentials Gray Long Coat ($245, shop here)

Throwin’ It Back

From outerwear to sportswear, prominent brands like L.L. Bean and Ralph Lauren have been and will continue to release once-archived collections to keep the ’80s and ’90s alive. And if you think it’s only the colors and shapes making a comeback, you’re forgetting a major sign of the times: being covered in logos. The bigger, the better, right?

Our Pick: Quicksilver x Stranger Things The Hawkins Jacket ($110, shop here)

Zip-Up Hoodies

We feel it’s appropriate to ask if these ever went out of style. Paired with a graphic tee or button-down shirt, zip-up hoodies add a touch of coolness to any outfit. We also don’t see any harm in making these your new loungewear must-haves.

Our Pick: Goodfellow & Co Fleece Zip-Up Hoodie ($24.99, shop here)

Dress Pants

2023 is all about dressing to the nines, and you can’t achieve that look without the help of dress pants. Flannels, flares, or pleats, there’s no wrong way to wear them as long as you’re comfortable. Pair them with a dressy button-down or even a basic tee to achieve a certain level of polish.

Our Pick: J.Crew Giant-Fit Chino Pant ($89.50, shop here)

The Bomb

Bomber jackets have long been a staple, but much like the trench coat has evolved, so has the bomber jacket. In 2023, we’re seeing a 1950s-inspired silhouette. A boxy bomber is a quick and easy way to take an outfit from “meh” to high fashion, especially when paired with those dress pants we were just talking about. Bonus points if you find a legitimate vintage bomber to rock.

Our Pick: Mil-Tec US CWU Flight Jacket ($102.95, shop here)

Tuck It In

Remember how it used to be nerdy to have everything tucked in all the time? Those days are long gone, so invest in a good belt to keep your look together. Find one that fits your personal style so you can show off when you wear it.

Our Pick: Coach Roller Buckle Reversible Belt ($195, shop here)

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