Smartphone Apps You Never Knew You Needed

We firmly believe that the best smartphone apps are designed to make our lives easier! So here are a few of our favorite apps that will have you wondering what you ever did without them!


If you enjoy reading, try Libby, the app that lets you borrow e-books and audiobooks from your local library for free as long as you have a library card. You can also download books so you can read or listen to books when you want, where you want, hassle-free. Get Libby here.

Paprika Recipe Manager 3

Paprika Recipe Manager is an amazing recipe organization app that lets you download and sort recipes from different websites. It also helps create grocery lists, keeps track of what’s in your pantry, and saves menus for meal planning. Get Paprika Recipe Manager here.

Keeper Password Manager

Keeper Password Manager is the perfect app to keep your accounts and passwords organized, so you never have to click “forgot password” again. The app is compatible with iOS and Android and all major browsers. A one-year auto-renewable subscription starts at $34.99/year. Get Keeper Password Manager here.

Google Keep

Google Keep is a great app for collaborating with family, friends, or coworkers, enabling you to add, edit, share, and collaborate on notes, lists, photos, and audio. Notes can be organized with labels and colors, and you set reminders for when you need them to pop up. You can also record voice memos that automatically transcribe. Get Google Keep here.

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