The Best Experience Gifts to Give to Your SO

Materialistic gifts come and go, but experiences create memories that last a lifetime. That’s why you should ditch the outrageous spending on that new purse or shiny watch and instead invest in an experiential gift that your SO can enjoy alone or together!

Indoor Skydiving with iFly (prices vary, shop here)

Indoor skydiving is a lot less intimidating than regular skydiving, yet it’s still tons of fun. So why not purchase an iFly gift card for your SO to redeem at the nearest location (there are 41 locations in the U.S. alone)! If you’re not too scared, you can join in for the ride!

Annual Pass to U.S. National Parks ($80, shop here)

For the avid hiker or person who loves nature, gift a yearly pass to U.S. National Parks. Paying an entrance fee to each park every time you visit can get costly, but with the annual pass, they will save tons of money. Tag along to get some new sights and scents – and don’t forget to take photos!

Hot-Air Balloon Ride (prices vary, shop here)

With Virgin Experience Gifts, you can purchase tickets for a private hot-air balloon ride in several different locales around the U.S. Whether you’re in California or Maine or one of the many places in between, take in the magical sights from high up above. And be sure to take photos that’ll last a lifetime.

Rosetta Stone Lifetime Language Membership ($299.99, shop here)

Does your SO love to travel? Gift them a lifetime language membership to Rosetta Stone, which gives them access to all 24+ language-learning programs – forever! Join them on their language-mastering journey: It may be frustrating at first, but eventually, you can laugh at the mispronunciations and reward each other for passing lessons.

Crate Joy Shaker & Spoon Cocktail Club (starting at 49.92 per box, shop here)

With this membership, your SO will receive three unique recipes every month, plus everything they need to make them (except the liquor). Pair with snacks or dinner for two and start mixing!

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