Why Hiring a Doula Could Change Your Entire Pregnancy Experience

Pregnancy can be hard on the mind and body, which is why it’s so important to have the necessary support you need throughout those nine months – and beyond. And though many women have partners, friends, and family to help out, the process is still a large load to carry. Have you ever considered a doula? Here, we’ll discuss how hiring a doula could change your entire pregnancy experience.

What Is a Doula?

A doula’s job is to provide physical and emotional support throughout pregnancy and labor. It doesn’t matter what your birthing plan is; a doula will be there to see your plan through every step of the way.

They Come With Information

Getting ready for the birth of your child can be overwhelming. Luckily, a doula is an expert in all things related to pregnancy, giving birth, and labor – from prenatal discomfort to newborns latching onto the breast for the first time and everything in between. And when we say everything, we mean everything, including positions to increase comfort or weighing options if a complication arises.

They Can Make Sure You Have a Voice

A doula will ensure that you have a birth plan and that it’s followed – and how you want to handle particular situations in the labor and delivery room if they arise. For example, you may say that you don’t want an epidural, but what happens if you change your mind? A doula may ask you to consider under what circumstances that would happen.

They Can Reduce Stress

Stress and anxiety are inevitable when giving birth, but a doula can help calm those nerves and relax muscles through massages that stimulate natural oxytocin release. This oxytocin goes to the bloodstream, causing uterine contractions, and to the brain, increasing pain threshold.

They Are Be Present for the Entire Birthing Experience

Whether you choose your own doula or request one at birth, they will stay with you until the very end – regular labor, induced labor, C-sections, and complications included – and remain in the room until the baby is born. A doula doesn’t count as an additional body present; they are considered to be another medical professional assisting with birth.

They Are There for You

From start to finish, from education to birthing plans, a doula is there for you. They are there for whatever you need, including turning down the lights, getting you ice chips to suck on, and more. The list is endless, and it’s cool to know you have someone on your side.

Have you ever used a doula? Share your experience with us in the comments below!

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