Paint Color Trends for 2023

As we prepare for the new year, paint companies have already begun announcing their signature colors of the year. So far, it seems the consensus is that the cool tones of 2022 are out, and bolder, warmer tones are in. Here are the 2023 Color of the Year picks for some of the industry’s most recognized paint brands.

Behr – Blank Canvas

A fresh start is what Behr is going for with its 2023 Color of the Year, Blank Canvas. The off-white color lends itself to being paired with bolder, earthy shades and jewel tones. It also makes for a great dominant shade for any room. The warmth keeps it from feeling too sterile or cold while making any space feel welcoming.

Sherwin-Williams – Redend Point

Sherwin-Williams Redend Point is a rosy mid-toned neutral shade that is simultaneously bold and calming. It is an inviting, laid-back hue that can be used for any room. Sherwin-Williams has also partnered with Etsy to celebrate its 2023 color choice with a curated collection featuring wood and soft neutral pieces that complement or showcase the hue.

Dunn-Edwards – Terra Rosa

Dunn-Edwards Terra Rosa is a deep rosy hue reminiscent of a reddish-cinnamon terra-cotta hue but can also act as a neutral to replace burgundies and browns. There is a true vibrancy to the color, and it is perfect for accent walls in living areas or bedrooms.

Benjamin Moore – Raspberry Blush

Benjamin Moore’s Raspberry Blush is the boldest and most daring color on this list. It is a cheerful tone full of optimism, perfect for bringing a splash of color to a room through an accent wall or painted arch. It would also look fantastic in a powder room.

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