How to Travel Without Checking Costly Bags

Here are some ways to save on those ridiculous baggage fees when you fly.

Plan on layering clothes. You get more outfits and flexibility for weather changes by packing clothes you can layer.  Plan your wardrobe around two or three basic colors.

Dress up or down. Take lightweight, wrinkle-free separates that can be dressy or casual.

Pack your carry-on like a pro. Roll your clothes up tightly to save space and avoid wrinkles. Put one pair of shoes on each side of the bag, and fill the shoes with socks and smaller clothing items. Put the heavy clothes on the bottom like pants and as you add items keep going with lighter garments. Finish with undergarments. Top off with toiletry bag. These bags often contain liquids which might need to be removed quickly for security screenings, and be sure to bring an extra ziplock bag in case something leaks.

Pare down toiletries to the minimum. Hotels usually provide soap, shampoo and conditioner. Bring enough liquid of the things you are prescribed or must have, like contact lens solution, since these may be hard to find where you are going. Carry just enough makeup to last for the length of your trip. Target and Bed Bath and Beyond carry a great assortment of travel bottles for every type of liquid you need to bring.

Wear your bulkiest items. Jeans are heavy and take up a lot of suitcase space, and they are great for wearing on the airplane. Carry your jacket if the weather is too warm to wear it.

Wash, rinse, repeat. Don’t be afraid to have some laundry done when you get where you’re going. Scout out nearby laundromats before you go to cut down on the amount of clothes you need. Most hotels have a laundry service as well. If you need to, you can wash your smaller items in the hotel sink with shampoo and cold water.

Ship Your Luggage. Shipping by FedEx or UPS can be considerably cheaper than baggage fees. You can get the benefit of insurance for your items as well. If you are shipping your items to a hotel, call them to make sure they will accept a delivery for you before you check in. When addressing, put the name of the hotel, their address, and ATTN GUEST: your name.


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