This Winter’s Most Stylish Nail Colors

When you want to create great fashion, even the smallest details matter. You can have an absolutely gorgeous outfit on, but others may only notice a minor detail—like unpainted nails. Get detail-oriented with your style, and get this winter’s most stylish nail colors to complete all your best looks.

Deep Red

Deep, dark red is a perfect winter color. This shade is a great complement to holiday colors, which you’ll see everywhere all winter long, and it looks amazing against the white, black and neutral fashions that are always popular in cold weather months. Dark red looks great with white, black and just about every color in-between.


Gold adds a touch of glamour to any look, and it’s a perfect shade for winter. Gold is everywhere during the holiday season, and that means you can’t possibly go wrong with this shade that pairs well with lots of other hues on the color spectrum. Gold looks amazing with reds, purples, blues, greens and any other color you want to wear. Take your look up to the next level by getting gold glitter polish that adds even more sparkle.

Dark Purple

Give yourself just a bit of a Gothic look with dark purple polish. This shade catches the eye and completes any look with a pretty touch of dramatic color. Dark purple can be worn with cool colors and warm colors, which makes it a great go-to shade when you need something for all-around style. Dark purple is a classic shade that’s never really out of style, so you always look trendy when you wear it on your nails.

Navy Blue

Paint your nails with a shade that’s a little more unexpected, and paint them navy blue. Winter is full of blues and grays, so navy is a great choice all season long. When paired against warm colors like red and pink, navy creates contrast that can help you create a truly stunning style impression. When details matter, why not make them stand out and draw attention?

Anything Metallic

When you really want to dress up your look, paint your nails in any metallic shade. Silver and rose gold are both hot nail color trends this winter, and both pair well with any other colors you might want to wear. Adding some metallic flair to your nails gives your overall look a bright detail that others will notice right away. Match your metallic nails to your jewelry to create a cohesive style.


Do the unexpected with your nails this winter, and look for soft pastel shades in colors like lilac purple and pearl pink. Pastels are usually associated with spring, but cool pastels are a gorgeous match for natural winter landscapes. These light, soft shades create a pretty, delicate look that adds amazing detail to any winter outfit.

Get Stylish Nails

Even the smallest details can make or break your overall look. And if the Devil is in the details, style Heaven must be in the details, too. Give yourself great nail looks this season by wearing winter’s most stylish colors, and create amazing details that will turn heads everywhere you go.

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