Learn How to Layer in Style

With the drop in temperature, this season is all about learning how to layer in style. Whether you’re at work or play, inside or outside, it’s important that you’re able to pull an extra coat of clothing on or off with ease. Since one fail of fall is bundling up to head outside only to power walk down the block and break into a sweat, keep in the know. From tees to long sleeves, we’ve got you covered.

For many fashion shoppers, fall is a favorite season for browsing and buying. With the change in colors (on and off the shelf), comes new patterns, textures and knits. Whether for casual or business life, you’ll still be looking to make over your wardrobe at the start of September.

Re-vamping your racks on an annual basis probably leads to unnecessary spending, a messy closet and a stack of one-year-old newbies. However, all of the apparel tucked away allows you to layer in style without spending a pretty penny. Tip of the day: the best kind of shopping is wardrobe-based. It’s easy, free and fun to find all of the long lost goodies that you forgot you had. Bonus: since the rules of fashion come and go, you’ll be on-trend with no effort at all. So take a quick trip to your personal stash of scarves and sweaters and shop ‘til you drop.

While flipping through your current collection, explore new looks and create new ways of wearing both your favorites and finds. Beyond the usual tee on top of tank action, check out the following ways to layer your clothes and love your outfit of the day this season.

1. Keep the Rip Alive

Earlier this year, (extreme) distressed jeans were totally on trend and at the top of every what to wear list. Extend the life of the denim “do” by keeping the rips, tears and holes covered. Grab whatever you have on hand—stockings or tights—and step into the pair before pulling up your jeans. Depending on the occasion, change up the pattern, color and thickness. Make sure to rock the combo with confidence.

2. Pop the Collar

With the cold and clouds on the way, add a collared shirt (men’s or women’s) under whatever article of clothing you want: a vest, sweater, onesie, long sleeve dress or a pair of overalls. Just be sure that it works for your body type and more importantly, your style. For a professional look, wear a clean, crisp and one color button up. Feel free to trade between classic and bold colors like white, black and red. Prefer to get your play on? Browse for a base shirt that mixes and matches patterns, textures or cuts. To beat the norm, pick one that is comfortably over-sized.

3. Do the Denim

We tend to style outfits in two ways: shirt and pants or dress. It’s time to blur the lines. This year, with many long sleeve blouses showing off matching high slits on each side or two different lengths in the front and back, it’s easy to pull the outfit together with a pair of high-waisted, straight jeans. Whether double cuffing the bottoms or sporting cabin socks, you’ll be fashion forward.

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