How to Cut Down on the Bread and Butter Combo

For those who can do without cookies and chocolate bars, the bread and butter combo is what filling up on the goods is all about. So good, it’s bad. Freshly baked bread, check. A second round of the bread basket, check. Bun, biscuit, baguette on the side, check. There’s nothing like biting into b+b and tasting the delish mix on the tongue (any meal of the day). However, whether separate or together, the choice to eat bread and butter isn’t always the healthy one. If you’re a fan of toast for breakfast every day of the week, check out how to cut down on the calories.

Lose the Layers

A shared go-to for lunch, wraps, subs and sandwiches are easy to make and easy to pack on the go. With the ability to change the dish on the daily, from veggie to ham and cheese to chicken (and so many more), it’s simple to save your taste buds from chomping down on the same ol’ thing.

While changing the type of sandwich is one thing, losing the layers is another. When ordering a sandwich, ask for a multigrain flatbread or 100 calorie pita crisp. Try eating it like bruschetta by putting your sandwich mixing on top and not adding a top of bread!

To minimize your bread intake altogether, try making a lettuce wrap to hold everything together. The same sandwich (with a twist), with the new and improved wrap will ensure that you get your greens. Large grilled Portobello mushrooms also make a great “burger” type feeling. If you’re into a yummy crunch sandwich, try slicing a cucumber long ways, hollow out the middle, and use the two pieces as the top and bottom to your sandwich. Same inside, different outside. Before long, you won’t even miss it.

Choose a Healthy Alternative to Butter

Although the year of avocado toast is coming to an end, a straight substitution is key. Whether you choose to stay on-trend or tick off a long list of other spreads, there’s no need to go eating basic bread. At the top of the list: nut butters. Peanut butter, almond butter and cashew butter are just as yummy for the tummy. For something totally different, reach for hummus or dairy-free yogurt to add flavor and dip deep.

Dinner Dos

It’s as easy as being mindful when sitting down to dinner. Slight modifications such as consciously choosing not to include a side of bread with your meal or add butter to your vegetables will go a long way week to week. Toss an extra scoop of veggies on your plate to satisfy your appetite and experience the oh so real taste of snappy carrots or snow peas sans a layer of butter.

Tip: outside of (late) night noms, replace your breakfast bagel with a fruit smoothie to avoid the b+b combo.

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