The Science of Binaural Beats, and How They Can Improve Your Health

Wouldn’t you love to go to sleep and wake up feeling more creative? Wouldn’t it be nice to greet every morning in a great mood? What if you could awaken with a clear mind and great focus? This is the kind of stuff that binaural beats can do. This is a set of audio sounds that affect your brain waves, and they have the potential to improve your health in multiple ways.


Binaural beats are exactly what the word describes. Aural relates to the ears and to sound, and bi means two. Binaural beats play two slightly different frequencies into each one of your ears through earbuds or headphones. What’s special about binaural beats is that they’re designed to actually have an effect on your brain waves.

Beats for Your Brain

There are several distinct brain waves at work inside your head. You already know that your brain is capable of distinguishing different sounds and making sense of certain noises. Sound stimulates areas of your brain, and certain sounds can stimulate very specific areas. Binaural beats are used to harness the power of sound to trigger certain brain waves. These beats can decrease stress and anxiety, help you maintain focus, even improve your memory or improve your mood.


The science behind binaural beats isn’t exactly new, but they have become more popular lately because of their ability to decrease stress. In some studies, binaural beats can even be used for pain reduction. They will help you meditate, and you can use them to get better, more restful sleep. There’s a lot you can potentially do with binaural beats to improve your own health and state of mind.

Using Binaural Beats

Want to try binaural beats? You need anything that will play sound, like a smartphone or tablet, and a pair comfortable earbuds or headphones. Make sure that you’re able to relax, and you aren’t attempting to do anything that requires you to stay alert. Listening to binaural beats can be done while you sleep or while you’re in a meditative state, but not when you’re cooking or driving. Listen to binaural beats for 15 to 30 minutes daily for about 30 days, and see if you can tell the difference in the way you feel.

There are multiple apps and YouTube videos available for free that will play binaural beats designed for specific purposes. You can even find various binaural beats in atmospheric sleep apps, so you can listen to them to promote better, more restful sleep.

Better Health

Reducing your stress and anxiety can have a profound effect on your overall health. Stress is physically bad for you in many ways, and your health can only be improved by reducing yours. Improved focus and clarity of mind is beneficial for your mental health. And by helping to improve your overall mood, binaural beats make it easier for you to handle the daily stresses and pressures that life is bound to throw your way. All you’ve got to do is listen, and this could work for you.

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