Break Up Your Work Week with a Mini-Weekend

They don’t call it “the grind” for nothing. Work has a way of draining you physically and mentally, even emotionally. That’s why by the end of the work week, you feel like you’re dragging. You might be a little slower, a lot less productive, not as clear-headed as you should be. Break up your work week with a mini-weekend, and give yourself a chance to recharge a little so you can make it through Friday.

Take a Spa Break

Going to an actual spa is expensive and pretty time-consuming. You can give yourself a little spa break without spending all that money. Get a bottle of fancy bubble bath, lay out your softest towels and robe and stretch out in a hot tub. Take a bubble bath for an hour, or two. Read a book, look at a magazine, just close your eyes, whatever. When you’re done, put on scented lotion and make yourself feel pampered. Maybe it’s not quite as good as taking an actual spa day, but it’s a pretty nice little midweek mini-break.


For one night of the week, decide to unplug. Turn off your phone—or at least, disconnect it from the Internet—and turn off your tablet. Stay off all social media sites for the night, and stay out of contact for one night. You may need to post on social media that you’re taking the night off so no one is alarmed, if you’re usually highly accessible, but it will all be worth it. When was the last time you truly had a night to yourself, without sending messages or taking calls or posting a status update? Take a night to unplug, and take a night just for yourself.

Have a Nice Nap

When was the last time you took a nap? Probably not for a very long time. So take a couple hours one week night, and take a nap. This is a perfect way to recharge, because you probably don’t get enough sleep during your workweek.

Have a Mini-Weekend

Take a mini-weekend in the middle of your work week, and take some time for yourself. You’ve earned it, you deserve it and you’ll feel a lot less crazy by the time Friday afternoon rolls around.

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