Eco-Friendly Brands You Should Get Behind

Saving the environment is a big task that everyone should contribute to, whether by being more mindful of your products or cutting out meat from your diet. As such, regardless of your needs, here are a few eco-friendly brands that everyone can get behind to make at least a small difference in the fight to save our planet.

Hello Humans (click here)

Formed by celebrity Jada Pinkett Smith, Hello Humans is an eco-conscious, personal care brand that eliminates the use of plastic by instead opting for either 100% recyclable or 100% biodegradable packaging.

This brand offers body wash, lotion, and deodorant that are better for the environment and have the same plethora of scents as your favorite brands. So not only will you smell good, but you’ll also feel better and reduce your footprint.

Green Toys (click here)

How often do you think of the environmental impact of toys? If you have children, you likely have bins sitting around, most of them destined for the garbage. Green Toys is a USA-based company that turns recycled milk jugs into 100% recycled toys.

New Belgium Brewing (click here)

When it comes to alcohol production, there’s little to be said about sustainability. That said, New Belgium Brewing is a certified B Corporation, which means that they receive some of the highest benchmarks for environmental sustainability out there. This nearly zero-waste business is one that you can feel good supporting. And, if you’re a craft beer fan, their offerings are undoubtedly some of the best.

Samba Sol (click here)

Looking for some sustainable footwear? This organization takes recyclable Brazilian rubber and turns it into sustainable sandals that are comfortable, durable, and fashion-forward. Plus, every purchase at Samba Sol helps protect the Amazon rainforests, which is a pretty big impact for a simple pair of flip-flops.

Numi Organic Tea (click here)

This organization utilizes natural, organic ingredients for avid tea drinkers and offers compostable wrappers to minimize any negative environmental impacts. Additionally, every purchase helps fight global warming, reduces plastic waste, and contributes to humanitarian efforts such as fair wages and opportunities for those in the tea farming community.

Beyond Meat (click here)

There’s no denying that a vegetarian diet is more sustainable than a meat-based diet. That said, those that enjoy meat, which encompasses most people, have a tougher time making this transition. As such, the organization Beyond Meat has taken your favorites, like burgers, and created plant-based alternatives that have the same great taste without the negative environmental impact. Cutting back on your meat intake by supplementing with products from this brand will make a big difference.

It’s amazing how much impact a single product can have on our environment, so imagine what your footprint looks like based on the products you have lying around the house. With that said, these brands will help you reduce your footprint without compromising the way you live. When you look at it that way, the transition is really a no-brainer.


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