Easy At-Home Workouts to Promote Body Toning

It can be challenging to find quick, effective at-home workouts. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of some of the most popular exercises that can tone your body in a short amount of time. Check them out below and see which ones best fit into your routine.


Simple ab exercises can easily fit into your workout schedule – including the most popular ab-toning workout move: the sit-up. Engage your abdominal muscles in the correct form and quickly develop your core strength. Learn how to do a proper sit-up here.


If you’re looking for a beginner exercise that reaches your abs, deep abs, and obliques in one smooth movement, the air bicycle maneuver has you covered. No equipment is necessary, which means you can do this exercise relatively anywhere. Plus, it’s great for strengthening your core. Learn how to do proper bicycles here.


There are many variations of planks that hit your core and shoulder muscles in different ways. If you’re getting bored of one particular type, change it up for a few days. Planks first build strength, then create and maintain overall stability in your core and shoulders. This is very important if you aim to lift weights down the road. Learn how to do proper plank variations here.


Lunges focus on building strength, increasing flexibility, and maintaining balance. They work larger muscle groups, including the quads, glutes, hamstrings, calves, and core. Because you work one side of the body at a time, your overall stability range will prosper. Learn how to do proper lunges here.

Squat Jumps

If you’re looking to strengthen the lower body while increasing your heart rate to burn calories, squat jumps are the way to go. These exercises are a great add-on to any HIIT exercise, and they build quads, hamstrings, glutes, and calf muscles. Plus, some ab and back toning work their way in. You’ll soon be balancing your body weight and bettering your posture with ease. Learn how to do proper squat jumps here.

High Knees

Cardio exercises that are fun and efficient are hard to come by. Good thing high knees can be performed at a fast pace and in a short amount of time. Get your heart rate up and add them to your HIIT routine: You’ll improve overall coordination and flexibility while strengthening your core and leg muscles. Learn how to do proper high-knees exercises here.


Push-ups are the top conditioning exercise for athletes or those wishing to tone their bodies since they simultaneously target the chest, shoulders, triceps, core, back, and legs. All you need is the ground below you. Just beware that they can make you sore a day or two later – especially if you don’t have the right form. Be sure to always start with a rigid plank, then go from there.

Learn how to do proper push-ups here.


Dips are a great bodyweight exercise for the triceps and chest. With proper dips, you can build grip strength and muscle mass quickly. Be sure to perform them properly to avoid shoulder injury. If you don’t have a ton of upper body strength, you may want to steer clear of this workout for now. Learn how to do proper dip exercises here.

Jumping Jacks

Jumping jacks aren’t only meant for gym class in elementary school; they also have many health and wellness benefits. They’re easy to perform and a great addition to any HIIT workout. Learn how to do a proper set of jumping jacks here.


Burpees are oddly challenging but super-effective. The dreadful move combines a squat thrust and a jump (and sometimes other exercises, depending on the routine). Burpees train almost every muscle in the body while sending your heart rate through the roof. Burn calories and build muscles quickly with this gem. Learn how to do proper burpees here.


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