Create Contrasting Eyeliner Looks

Bright, bold eyeliner is a good way to pull any look together and put it over the top. Vibrant eye makeup is definitely in, and it’s definitely a look you want to know how to create. But designing an amazing contrasting eyeliner look can be pretty tricky. You need to know which colors to choose and how to wear them.

Contrast Against Your Eyes

Want to make your makeup really stand out? Don’t choose colors that match the natural shade of your eyes. You can make your eye color and your makeup both stand out in stunning fashion by choosing a color that will contrast against your natural shade.

For blue eyes, try gold, copper or champagne shades. Green eyes look great when you play them against makeup with red undertones, such as rust and bronze. Wear green, gold or plum with hazel eyes. And for brown eyes, try shades in vivid blue.

Covergirl Queen Vivid Impact Intense Eyeliner comes in several extremely bright color shades that are perfect for creating a bold, contrasting look.

Combining Contrasting Liner Colors

If you’re feeling really creative, don’t just wear eyeliner that contrasts against your eyes. Add another shade of eyeliner to play the two colors against each other and add even more contrast. If you’re feeling especially bold, you can create some truly stunning looks that may just stop others right in their tracks.

When you want to know how to play contrasting shades against each other, take a look at a standard color wheel. Colors that are directly opposite each other on the wheel are contrasting. If you’re wearing purple eyeliner, accent it with bold yellow. Blue eyeliner? Pair it with stunning pumpkin orange. And if you don’t want to double up on eyeliner, you can always create your extra contrast with eyeshadow instead.

The BH Cosmetics Aurora Lights eyeshadow palette is an array of bold shades that will immediately stand out. It’s also a cruelty-free product, so you can make-up and feel guilt-free about it.

Eyes That Pop

Wear eyeliner all the way around your eyes, and don’t fail to skip the inner bottom lid. Play with contrasting shades against the liner and against your eyes to create stunning looks. Bright, bold eyes are hot in makeup right now, and that means you’re free to play with your look and try all sorts of new color shades for your eyes.

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