Can You Wear a Middle Part?

Do you have the right face shape? Have you got the right kind of hair? Is this look even going to work for you? There are a lot of misconceptions about wearing a middle part, but here’s the truth: anyone can wear one. And this year, middle parts are definitely the look to have. Here’s how to make yours work every time.

The Problem With Middle Parts

It can be kind of scary to wear a middle part. If your face has asymmetry, a middle part has a way of bringing it out. But anyone can wear a middle part well, as long as you know a few tricks to make it work for you.

Using Layers

If you have a round or square-shaped face, a middle part can make your features look bloated. Bring out the angles in your face with a cut that’s layered near your face. Long bangs and a little fringe around your face give your hair more volume, so your middle part won’t make your tresses look limp. Slightly uneven, fringy bangs are a beautiful way to wear a middle part. This look will work on any face shape and it camouflages asymmetry.

Pull It Back

When you feel that a middle part makes your face look larger, give yourself a sleek look by pulling your hair back. A low ponytail or bun is a beautiful way to showcase a center part, and this is an easy style to create if you need a quick, elegant look. This will create a slimming effect on your face that gives your cheekbones and jawline more definition.

Yes, You Can

Can you wear a middle part? Absolutely! Anyone can wear a middle part if you know how to use it to complement your natural features and face shape. Play around with different middle part looks to find the one that works best for you, and it will be easy for you to wear this hair trend any time.

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