Ditch The Normal Roses Routine This Valentine’s Day

Sending a floral bouquet to a love interest is something that’s been done for centuries, and it seems the trend is continuing to grow. It is estimated that there will be 2 billion dollars spent on flowers this Valentine’s Day, according to the National Retail Federation, with 250 million roses being produced for it. This doesn’t include the money spent on jewelry, cards, and chocolates.

Now, how would it feel to get out of the typical “bouquet of red roses” trend? Here are a couple of ways to not only mix it up, but to preserve your gift of love.

Buy Sustainable

Who enjoys throwing their beautiful yet totally wilted roses out a week after Valentine’s Day? Not many I’m assuming. Go the sustainable (and beautiful) route and send your loved one a rose plant. They come in beautiful pots that look like vases, and you won’t be throwing them out any time soon. Check out these Valentine’s Day plants from 1800Flowers.

Make An Impact That Lasts A Year

Real preserved roses of all colors and stem lengths can be purchased from many different online retailers—and believe it or not, these roses last at least a year. Check out the real long lasting roses from The Royal Roses. They are more costly than regular roses, but whomever receives them will be able to appreciate them for a very long time. No watering or sunlight necessary.

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