Encourage Your SO to Pick Up Their End of the Scrub and Grub

Whether you’re new to the neighbourhood or stuck in a rut, it’s necessary to cover the basics of the daily grind with your other half. At the top of the to-do list: cooking and cleaning. Depending on personal schedule and preference, there is potential for the not so fun facts of your relationship to become the responsibility of one. And no one needs to take on their professional workload + an extra load of laundry solo. If you’re looking for a way to open up the conversation and tackle all of the tasks together, keep in mind your situation and check out the pointers below:

Moving In + Fitting In

After considering your options, weighing the pros and cons and flipping a coin, it’s finally settled: who will be giving up their place and moving in with the other. Get ready to pack, unpack, fit in all of your stuff and find out all of the (unknown) little things – like how often your partner cleans their fridge or changes their toothbrush.

While initially the person moving in might be hesitant to take ownership over the space, the adjustment period shouldn’t be used as a reason to avoid simple chores. Take tiny steps to change an already established routine and combine your skills and strengths to relieve stress and save time. If your partner is falling behind on the daily scrub and grub or neglecting a certain task, pick up the slack. When you contribute to the household, it’s easier for the new spot to feel like your own home.

Packing Up + Moving Out

Finding a new address with your SO is the perfect way to start fresh, take the next step in your relationship and (finally) embrace the world of adulting. Post-packing, painting and paying, it’s time to design and decorate. Fingers crossed the mixing + matching and blending of individual taste is not a headache.

When it comes to moving in together, the greatest benefit to both individuals saying goodbye to their previous space: the opportunity to develop an equal partnership. In addition to paying bills and running errands, working as a pair includes taking care of the home. From the get-go, break down and divide all of the tasks around the house. Not a fan of vacuuming? Feel free to swap tasks on a weekly basis. Quick Tip: don’t support double kitchen duty. Make sure that the person who cooks the meal is not expected to clear the table and clean the dishes.

Making It Work (Again)

Two (or more) people living under one roof isn’t always easy. So, you’ve been living with your partner for forever and all order is out the window? Whether suddenly or over time, if you find you’re the only one ticking off the to-do list, break the habit as soon as possible. Don’t dust your feelings – or the leftover crumbs – under the rug. Communication is key. Regardless if you’re a professional or a stay-at-home parent, everyday duties should not be solely put on one person.

Through communication and conversation, encourage your SO to keep up with the original arrangement or take on more responsibility at home. Depending on overall priorities and spare time, modify planning and prepping to suit both parties. If your other half continues not to contribute to the household, stop working overtime and let them deal with the consequences. Actions (and funky smells) speak louder than words.

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