6 Gifts for the Vintage Lover in Your Life

Image via uncomon goods Turntable Cheese Board

We all have someone in our life that prefers both the finer and simple things in life, and by that, we’re referring to vintage! While finding a gift for the vintage lover in your life may be as easy as a trip to your favorite local antique shop, sometimes it’s hard to find exactly what you’re looking for. We’ve created a small list of things you can find at Uncommon Goods for the vintage lover in your life. What we love about the gift list we’ve created is that while these gifts aren’t necessarily antiques themselves, they all have some kind of vintage element about them, and some are even handmade, so you’re guaranteed unique pieces. Let’s get started!

Vintage Travel Poster Puzzle Shop Here, $20

Since we’ve all been cooped up the last year, puzzles and board games are more popular than ever; combine a good 1,000 piece puzzle with gorgeous vintage art and you’ve got the perfect gift for the old soul in your life. We promise you they’ll enjoy an evening of their favorite wine, vinyl records, and seeing these vintage beauties come to life. Bonus: this travel print inspired puzzle wouldn’t look bad as wall decor!

Create Your Own Reel Viewer Shop Here, $14.95 – $29.95

This is a super fun gift for anyone in our opinion, but someone that appreciates nostalgia more than most will probably cherish this gift even more. We’ve all owned or at least messed with a reel viewer at some point in our lives, but this gives people the opportunity to add their own snapshots to the reels. This sounds like a great excuse to plan a safe, socially distanced, low key weekend away or old school slumber party with your besties, snap some photos, and cherish the memories for forever in a super cool way.

Antique Lace Pedestal Jewelry Holder Shop Here, $48

Every vintage lover needs a sweet little dish for all their sweet little vintage trinkets, right? We thought so. And we happen to think this one is absolutely perfect. This jewelry dish was imprinted with vintage lace, and offers 40 hand-cut holes for earrings and various other baubles. Something else we absolutely adore about this piece is that it’s handmade, so every dish will look a little different in the best possible way.

Turntable Cheese Board Shop Here, $75

Okay, this is just adorable. Whether you get this for your vintage loving friend with the intention of being invited over to partake in the charcuterie or you just know they’ll appreciate this board the next time they hunker in on a Friday night with some Netflix and wine, it’s the perfect gift for the classy snacker.

Poppy Cocktail Glassware Shop Here, $16 – $18

These beautiful glasses feature a vintage poppy print inspired by the art nouveau movement that occurred at the turn of the 20th century. You can opt for the shorter rocks or taller glasses, and choose your color of bloom to ensure that this handmade gift is just so for the vintage lover in your life. We also happen to think these would be the perfect addition to any picnic set.

Farmer’s Market and Harvesting Bag Shop Here, $65

While we don’t have the scientific evidence to back it up, speaking from personal experience, those that love vintage things tend to love fresh flowers and trips to the farmers market, so this bag would be a super unique and meaningful gift that could be used again and again. The detail we love most about this bag? You fill it from the top, then there’s a compartment at the bottom you open that allows you to easily empty your bag right onto the kitchen counter!

We hope that you were able to find the perfect gift for your vintage loving pal, but if not, we highly recommend checking out Uncommon Goods and searching for vintage gifts; tons of pieces are customizable and/or handmade which makes them all the more special.


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