5 Habits That Can Age Your Skin

Your skin (and your smile) are two of the first things many people notice quickly. As we age, so does our skin, but certain habits could increase the pace at which one’s skin ages.


A lot of people feel multitasking is an efficient way of handling life, but it turns out that not only is multitasking/stressing not good for your mental health, it can also add a few years to your skin.

You’re sleeping less than 6 hours a night

If you’re not getting enough sleep, it’ll be evident with how your skin looks. It’s not only about the bags under your eyes, but by not getting enough sleep, your skin doesn’t have the proper time to recuperate. This can cause wrinkles and weak, problematic skin.

You neglect sunscreen

Whether you’re going to be exposed to the sun or not, whenever you’re getting ready in the morning, put on sunscreen. This forms a protective layer for the skin regardless of the weather conditions. Ultra-violet rays are present even when it’s cloudy.

Wearing too much makeup

Certain skin irritants or allergens found in makeup, like parabens and fragrances, can clog your skin and consequently lead to breakouts. Makeup can also dry out the skin because it rids the skin of its natural oils.

Not drinking water

Water not only flushes toxins out of the body but keeps cells plump and functioning optimally. Less water intake causes the accumulation of these toxins, which will affect the skin’s appearance.

Remember, the skin is a delicate organ that should be nourished!