4 Ways To Reduce Risk of Injury During A Workout

Staying fit is great, but getting injured sucks. But when you workout regularly, there’s a chance that you can suffer from an injury like a sprain, strain, fracture or even a break. If you know the right prevention measures, you can do your best to avoid these kinds of risks altogether. The following tips will help you be better prepared for your workouts so you reduce the risk of injury.

1. Flexibility: The first step is to ensure that all your major joints are strong and flexible. That would include your spine, knees, wrists, etc. You must also ensure that they retain a full range of motion.

How can you ensure this? One way is by spending time stretching your joints before you participate in a workout. If you ensure these areas are flexible, you reduce the risk of harming them.

2. Agility: The next thing you want to look at is your agility. You can judge how agile you are by figuring out your reaction time and general coordination. One way to improve agility is by running an agility ladder or tire array at least twice per month.

3. Power: Next thing you want to look into is your power. How fast are you able to move out of harm’s way? One of the best ways to increase power is by incorporating a burpee and a 15-yard sprint. This will help you increase power tremendously. Shoot for at least 5 in row during your next workout.

4. Balance: Another thing you want to consider is your balance. To increase your balance, start doing single-leg medicine ball tosses with a partner.

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