How To Become a Fitness Celeb On Instagram

Are you in great shape and know in your heart of hearts, you can help others get in great shape too? Why not consider becoming an Instagram fitness guru? You’ve seen them before…they are people who are in great shape with tons of followers hanging on to their every fitness advice. But, don’t worry. They started somewhere, and you can too. Here are some ways to start establishing yourself to become a fitness celeb on Instagram.

Step 1 – Grow your followers by finding your niche. There’s something for everyone and there is an audience out there who would bond with you and love to follow you.

Step 2 – Get better at sharing photos. Whether you’re in the gym, trying on clothes, eating a meal, having  a “bad” day, share a photo. This keeps your account active and helps overcome Instagram’s algorithm. 

Step 3 – Post consistently and on topic. Be sure that you’re posting photos as often as possible — ideally every day. Keep your postings relevant, and include hashtags when possible. A way to do this is to google “most popular hashtags for working out,” if your topic is about working out. 

Step 4 – Branch out to other social media sites. Don’t just stick to Instagram. You can grow your following and your reach by being present on other social media sites as well, like Twitter and Facebook. 

Step 5 – Post workout challenges, fitness inspiration, recipes and more for your followers to try. People love a little guidance while trying out a new passion or just want to learn something new. 

Do these things and before you know it, you may be in front of the right companies ready to pay you to promote their products on Instagram. 

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