How to Make a Summer Suit Work

Once, power suits were made for men. But women have taken over the power suit and turned them into a signature style. If you’re strong, confident and ready to try a summer suit, it’s the perfect way to show your poise and confidence to the rest of the world.

A More Powerful Summer Suit

Today’s trendy summer suits aren’t boring office wear. Power suits have moved out of offices and into everyday wear. A lightweight suit is perfect for any summer event or excursion because today’s power suits are made with bright colors, fun patterns and distinctive style that’s definitely high-end. Suits can still be feminine, and the most recent trends are designed with looks that marry femininity and strength with great style.

Colors and Patterns

Don’t stick to a palette of grays, blacks and blues when shopping for a summer suit. Trendy fashion allows a range of colors to be incorporated into this classic look. Shop for a summer suit in soft pastel shades or floral patterns. You won’t go wrong with classic pinstripes or polka dots. Mint green, lovely lilac, pretty pink, powder blue and buttercup yellow are all perfect summer shades.

If you’re really feeling bold and empowered, slip into a summer suit in a bold jewel tone. Ruby red, cobalt blue and emerald green are truly powerful colors. Pair your suit with heels and a blouse in a neutral shade to let the color of the suit be the star of your overall look.

The Cut

Even a power suit can be a little bit playful. Designers are having fun with different cuts and styles for summer suits. Wide-leg pants with a short, tailored jacket create a great, highly fashionable look. Or, flip the style around and wear a longer, looser blazer with fitted, skinny-style cropped suit pants.

Accessorizing Your Summer Style

Have fun mixing and matching different blouses and tops to wear with your summer suit. Make your style more casual by pairing your suit with a T-shirt, or give it a totally professional look with a crisp white blouse. It’s summer, so slip into a graphic tank top to wear under your suit jacket. Or, create a super sexy look and wear a small halter top or just your bra to allow some skin to show. After all, it is summer!

Finish your suit off with a great pair of heels, and complete your summer look with a pair of glamorous sunglasses.

The Summer of Great Suits

Wear your suit jacket open or closed to look more casual or formal as the situation demands, and wear your summer suit everywhere. After all, a great suit can go anywhere. Haven’t men been doing it for generations? Seize your style power with a great suit, and enjoy having the look of the summer.

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