3 Ways to Get Your Steps in on the Daily

While life in lockdown mode isn’t the most exciting (or expected) way to welcome spring, it’s quickly becoming the new norm – whether you like it or not. With the birds still chirping, the trees still budding and the sun still shining, note to self: it could be worse.

With a sudden increase in Facebook games, TikTok videos and Zoom parties (in an attempt to maintain sanity & human connection), new phrases such as self-isolating, social distancing and quarantine life are now part of the everyday conversation. Just like canceling appointments, visiting family & friends and making trips to the grocery store, we’re all trying to avoid gaining the Quarantine 15. From ordering equipment online and setting up an in-house gym to embracing clean eating and cutting down on beer and booze, we’re all becoming more mindful of the number on the scale.

Similar to how you do it for the gram, it’s time to do it for the count. To prevent emotional eating and lack of exercise during COVID-19, read on for ways to stay active and reach the magic number (10,000 steps) on the daily.

  1. Rule the Routine: establish a new norm to enhance self-care

Just because robes, pajamas and slippers are now an acceptable form of selecting and layering your outfit of the day, it’s not a reason to curl up, veg out and lounge around all day. With more time on your hands, schedule a workout and/or spend quality time doing things to advance yourself.

With both emerging and established health & fitness companies and chains learning to adapt via virtual sessions and classes, you’ll have to make do without access to your gym membership. Start by trying a range of exercise styles and programs (maybe one or two outside of your comfort zone) and continue by either sticking with your favorite or switching it up on the regular to transform your body.

No equipment? No problem. It’s all about modification. Whether going for a safe distance run, taking on a HIIT circuit, or practicing yoga, feel the burn sans weights, balls or bands. For those wanting a challenge, get creative by replacing standard gym equipment with household items. Run or walk up and down your staircase – on repeat.

Beyond breaking a sweat, look into available meal kit delivery providers in your area. Sign up to avoid leaving the house, benefit from easy-to-follow recipes and improve your cutting, chopping and cooking skills. Eat green and clean – on your own or as a family.

  1. Make It a Win Win: set the rules and initiate a friendly competition

Whether or not you’re competitive in nature, it’s always easier to step up your game when there are bragging rights to claim. From the number of steps to the number of squats, organize a friendly competition among family, friends and colleagues to keep in shape and act as motivation. To make the match more fun, add prizes to the mix.

  1. Play with Your Pup: walk, run or ride around the block with your best bud

Depending on your mood, take to the street on foot to walk or run to get in your steps, burn some calories and enjoy the fresh air, (wearing a mask and socially distancing is a must, though). For those lucky enough to have the company of your best bud, lengthen your neighborhood outing by bringing your pup. Tip of the day: download an album at the top of your to-listen list and make it your mission to check out every track before heading back home.


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