Are You Ready for an Aerial Workout?

Aerial workouts definitely look great on Instagram and sure, it’s something new. Regular exercise is good for everyone, though it can get tedious to do the same workouts all the time. Aerial workouts are more than a pretty exercise trend. Due to the nature of aerial yoga movements, almost all of your body parts are forced to move and stretch. It strengthens core muscles and increases spinal and shoulder flexibility.

What Is an Aerial Workout?

Also known as AntiGravity Yoga, an Aerial workout is a new kind of workout invented by aerial performer Christopher Harrison – a former gymnast and Broadway choreographer. It involves performing a series of exercises inspired by yoga, Pilates, aerial acrobatics and calisthenics in a hammock-like apparatus, in order to achieve a total-body workout.
As the name suggests, aerial workouts are performed from the air. You will be suspended off the ground as you practice various poses and copy specific motions, all while working on your balance. Attempting to stay balanced creates natural resistance that strengthens and tones muscles. You might be surprised by the muscles that end up being engaged during an aerial workout because supporting yourself while suspended activates different areas of your body.

It Works

Aerial fitness is no joke, and it’s more than just something to post about on Instagram. A study cited in “Shape” magazine shows that women who perform three 50-minute aerial workouts per week for six weeks lost two and a half pounds, 2 percent body fat and around an inch off their waists. Aerial yoga and other types of aerial fitness are considered to be moderate intensity workouts that can be vigorous at times.

There are many benefits to suspending yourself in mid-air in order to exercise. Aerial workouts are low impact. You won’t be putting much pressure on your joints or your feet as you would other workouts. When your workout is over, you will feel less tense, feeling loose, and probably proud of yourself for giving it a try.

Aerial workouts look complicated, but even first-timers can start to learn the poses and catch on quickly.

Give it a Try

Aerial workouts are becoming more and more popular, and many gyms and fitness centers are starting to offer regular classes to accommodate this growing trend. Look around in your local area to find places offering aerial fitness classes, and see if this trend will help you shed some lbs and tone up this summer.

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