Toffee, Cold Gold and the Hair Color Trends to Watch

Is your hair boring…or bold? Is your look on point, or is it a little bit outdated? This summer, try some of the hot hair colors to see how great your locks may look in shades of toffee, cold gold or one of this year’s other big hair color trends. Because why be boring when you can be a head-turner instead?


Yes, this color was inspired by the shade of the sweet treat with the same name. Toffee looks amazing as a hair color. It’s a warm brown color with a reddish-gold tint that looks great with a wide variety of clothing vibes. 

The warmth of this shade is perfect for spring and summer, and it looks great against multiple skin tones. To get the color, you will want to get medium, warm brunette locks highlighted with bright caramel color. L’Oreal Paris Excellence Fashion Highlights Hair Color in Caramel Brown is made to create the golden, rich highlights that are essential for the toffee look.

Cold Gold

Cold gold hair color can be used as a base color or a highlight color for brunette locks. It’s an icy, ashy blonde shade of color that creates a gorgeous, cool-toned hair look. This pairs beautifully with the bright colors that are so popular in summer fashion.

Because it’s a bright color, cold gold is perfect for any summer style. Schwarzkopf Professional Quality Hair Color comes in an icy blonde shade that works beautifully for creating great cold gold highlights.

Faded Pastel

Faded pastel hair looks are going to be popular in hair all summer long. Women are sitting in salons for hours to get soft hair shades that look washed out. You can’t go wrong with this trend, and you have the luxury of choosing any shade you like. Hair trendsetters are dyeing their locks in faded shades of pink, purple, blue and every other color you can name.

L’Oreal Paris makes a line of Smokey Pastels in a variety of pretty shades that already have a slightly faded look, making it easy for anyone to capture this trend.

Jet Black

Can’t decide on which lowlights and highlights you want? Dye your locks a rich jet black instead. This is a hot hair color, and it couldn’t be easier to get. Jet black hair naturally captures and reflects light to make your locks look healthy and shiny, even without the benefits of highlights.

All the big brand names make shades of hair color in jet black. Gariner Nutrisse has an intense indigo shade that gorgeously captures the current jet black trend.

Hair Color Trends

There’s always some new hair color trend to try because it’s always fun to experiment with new looks. Be bold this summer, and play around with looks that you’ve never tried before.

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