Stock Up on Scarves This Summer for a Trendy Hair Look

Scarves are more versatile than ever this year, and they’re also trendier than ever. But right now, the last place you want to wear your scarf is on your neck. Scarves are the must-have hair accessory, and it’s a hot look you’re going to love. 

Hair Scarf Looks That Work

This is not the first time scarves have been a hot hair accessory. Watch any movie from the 1950s and at some point, you’re bound to see a glamazon with a scarf tied beautifully around her cropped locks. Experiment with different ways to wear a scarf in your hair, and soon people will notice you as a trendsetter.

The top knot: Tying a scarf around the top of your head has always been an easy way to add some color and life to any look, and this still works. Position the knot right at the top of your head, or tilted on the side, and let the ends trail down the sides. 

The loose braid finisher: Instagram celebs are showing off their scarves paired with thick, loose side braids. Tie the scarf around the end of the braid and let the ends trail down to give your braid a colorful, pretty extension. This is a very simple way to celebrate the scarf trend.

The pony tail or bun tie: A scarf has always been a fun way to finish off a ponytail or bun. Simply knot it around the base of your pony or bun to accessorize any outfit you want to wear. Experiment with matching the scarf to your clothes or clashing against them to draw the eye to your accessory.

The Final Touch

If you have a lot of scarves and a severe sense of fashion, take this trend up a notch. Many celebrities add scarves as a finishing touch to their purses, tying them around purse handles in bows or letting the ends hang down for a pretty finishing touch.

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