2020 Holiday Gift Guide for Best Friends

The holiday season is rapidly approaching, so it’s time to start thinking about what we’re gifting our friends and family this year. There’s no better feeling than giving someone something meaningful that communicates, “I know you and love you,” but we at Rethink Beautiful know how much of a stumper choosing that perfect something can be.

As a tonic to gift-getting doldrums, we’ve compiled a gift guide that works for your best friend, but can also be referenced for a partner, sibling, or whoever else is on your list. From the self-care enthusiast to the iPhone addict, we’ve got you covered. With everything else in the world being unpredictable and scary at the moment, a bit of holiday cheer is precisely what most of us need to brighten up the remainder of 2020. So here is Rethink Beautiful’s Holiday Gift Guide for 2020.

The Self-Care Enthusiast

10/10 times you will find this friend sharing their latest top-shelf finds and unparalleled skin-care tips online and in-person. They’re your go-to for all things wellness, whose ideal night is turning on some music and soaking in the tub with glass of wine (or a mock-tail) and a face mask. Show how much you appreciate them this holiday season with a luxury candle from Boy Smells, a few face masks, and choice cozy-wear from Brother Vellies for their nights indoors.

Shop candles at boysmells.com (click here).

Shop face masks at urbanoutfitters.com (click here).

Shop Cloud Socks at brothervellies.com (click here).

The Jet Setter

They’re always going somewhere, they constantly fine-tune their bucket-list, and they might even have had “catch flights, not feelings” in their bio at one point. You’re the first person they text when they’ve landed safely at their destination, and they are the one you go to for advice when you need to create a polished travel itinerary. These friends encourage us to come out of our shell and *literally* expand our horizons. Show them that you appreciate their spirit this holiday season by gifting them something that elevates their travel essentials, like a Chilly’s reusable water bottle for the plane, Raw Sugar lip balm and scrub, and an Aspinal of London passport holder. Bon Voyage!

Shop Chilly’s reusable water bottles at chillysbottles.com (click here).

Shop Raw Sugar lip balm at rawsugarliving.com (click here).

Shop Aspinal of London passport holders at aspinaloflondon.com (click here).

The Gallery Goer

This friend has a membership to every gallery within a 50 mile radius and are essentially a walking art history textbook. They regularly surprise you with new information and they’re your go-to date for a late-night art show. Gift them something meaningful this holiday season by opting for a present that aligns with their interests, such as an art print from Hotel Magique to make their bedroom feel like a gallery, a book on photography by Susan Sontag, or sculptural earrings so they can wear a piece of art wherever they are.

Shop Hotel Magique prints at hotelmagique.com (click here).

Shop Susan Sontag’s photography book at amazon.com (click here).

Shop sculptural earrings at charleskeith.co.uk (click here).

The Chef

You often find yourself in the role of a culinary guinea pig around this friend, who tests their latest concoctions on your tastebuds. You’re their best critic and their house has become your favorite “restaurant” during lockdown. Show this friend that they’re special to you this holiday season with a cookbook stand to prop up their favorite recipes, an herb infuser for their olive oil, and a spiralizer for their veggie spaghetti. Just wrap it up in a holiday gift bag, and bon appétit!

Shop cookbooks at amazon.com (click here).

Shop herb infusers at oilvinegar.com (click here).

Shop spiralizers at amazon.com (click here).

The iPhone Addict

You can count on this friend to send you the best memes, teach you the latest TikTok dances, and explain any and all Internet drama. They have a photoshoot with their food before eating, but you can’t complain because they really do stay abreast of all of the coolest restaurants and high end coffee shops in town. On account of their inclination to capture everything on their iPhone, this friend’s camera roll has become an absolute treasure trove of good memories. A gift that would resonate with them would be a smartphone photo printer, a selfie ring light, and a grippy PopSocket so that they don’t have to worry about dropping their phone. Tis’ the season for group selfies.

Shop smartphone photo printers at polaroid.com (click here).

Shop selfie ring lights at amazon.com (click here).

Shop PopSockets at apple.com (click here).

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