That’s Not Something You See Every Day

Let your child shine

Whether you take your own photos of your child or have them professionally shot, the urge is to make every photo so amazing that talent scouts will not be able to keep from calling. Large brand names and talent scouts aren’t necessarily looking for extremes in style or makeup. They are looking for talent that isn’t trying too hard to let their natural beauty show through. They want to see the personality because people are attracted to things that are genuine.

So, encourage your child to be themselves. Photos of your child in natural lighting with stylish, yet regular clothes, looking natural, would be a great addition to their portfolio. You know what makes your child laugh, so get some goofy, silly poses and photographs. This will also take the pressure off your child and allow them to relax in front of the camera, which will shine through even in more formal photos

Utilize social media

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and so on are tools to build a following and show your child’s brand to the world. You may not know what your child’s “brand” is and that’s okay.  Just be sure that you are being consistent with what you put on your child’s profile. Think about your child’s personality, and have a discussion with them about how they see themselves, and what part of themselves they’d like to show the world. Don’t treat an online posting as its own portfolio website. Always remember, anything online is there forever, so be conscious of your child’s privacy and future.

Don’t shy away from work

There are only a few exceptions to this rule, and that’s if someone is asking you and your child to breach ethical or moral boundaries.  Aside from that, your child should be jumping at every opportunity to work, albeit within the bounds of what is appropriate for their age and academic responsibilities.


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