Two Suspenseful New Netflix Releases You Need to See

Netflix is constantly releasing new shows and films for our binge-watching addictions that sometimes it’s hard to decide what to watch first! These suspenseful new additions will leave your mind reeling long after the final credits are done rolling.

Midnight Mass

We started this limited series with low hopes, unsure about the creepy religious theme tied to the title and previews. But by the middle of the first episode, our tune had changed. Midnight Mass takes place on a small island that is slowly dwindling as its residents struggle to make a living. These families turn to one thing to give them hope: religion. One Sunday morning, the town is shocked when their regular pastor is replaced by young Paul, who claims the older man is recovering from illness on the mainland. Yet somehow, Paul seems to know his way around the town and has no trouble recalling the pastor’s personal experiences.

As the season goes on, the island encounters many miracles. Amid these blessings, nobody dares ask why the pastor can now only preach at midnight. But these miracles do not come without horrors, and the island suddenly finds itself with multiple missing persons. Once you find out what’s been going on with the pastor and his inner circle, you won’t want to walk away from the screen! Watch now on Netflix.

The Guilty

The Guilty is a film starring Jake Gyllenhaal that is set in a 911 call center overrun with calls during a California forest fire. The fire calls are interrupted when the main character answers a strange call from a woman who seems to be trying to reach her daughter. Through his line of questioning, it becomes clear that the woman has been kidnapped and needs help. The stakes are raised when her daughter calls 911 as well, revealing that she and her baby brother are home alone, terrified after their parents fought. Through the girl, we learn that daddy took mommy with him in his white van, knife in hand.

As more of the story is revealed, lines are blurred. It becomes impossible to determine who the criminal is and the true motives behind the kidnapping. These overlapping storylines will leave you intrigued, wanting more at every new twist and turn. Watch now on Netflix.

What are some of your favorite new Netflix shows? Share them with us in the comments below!

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