Three Things Happening in The World That Have Nothing to Do with Coronavirus

Let’s take a break! The news can be seriously daunting these days, so if you want to read up on some current events that won’t make you hide under your blanket and question reality, these are for you. I’ve scoured the internet for three interesting things happening in the current climate that I hope will bring you a moment of peace. Coronavirus won’t last forever, so use this as a reminder that our world is still turning (spoiler alert: they’re all pop culture related).

Steve Carell Is Returning to Television

The Office fans, rejoice! Our beloved lovable Steve Carell is returning to the small screen in the new Netflix series, Space Force. While he won’t be reprising his role of Michael Scott, it’s safe to say that Carell is a comedy genius, and if he’s signed on for a show it will likely deliver. The show is brought to us by the same people who made The Office, so we can expect a similar level of humor. He’s also joined by an impressive cast and, from the looks of it, some cameos from longtime television favorites. Check out the trailer here and let us know if you’ll be watching in the comments. Space Force hits Netflix on May 29th.

Tom Cruise is Out of This World

Speaking of space…according to CNN, NASA is working with Tom Cruise to shoot a space movie in, wait for it, outer space! The article notes that on Tuesday, May 5th NASA confirmed they’re working with Cruise to send him to the International Space Station. While astronauts have been traveling to the space station since the early 2000s, Cruise would be the first Hollywood actor to make the journey. The details are still very much in the works, but if there’s a star eccentric enough to give this project a try, it’s Tom Cruise.

Hello, It’s Adele

What started out as a simple birthday Instagram post thanking the frontline workers quickly turned into a heated debate between people and pop culture news sources about Adele’s weight loss. The Grammy winning singer hadn’t taken to social media in several months and has always been known to live a private life, so when she resurfaced on Wednesday, May 6th, people took notice. But here’s the real question: Should a woman who has accomplished so much and is so talented be reduced to conversations about her weight? Or, alternatively, are the kind words and support being shared on Instagram encouraging and noteworthy? Either way, the photo is a stunner and Adele has always been one hundred in my book. Instagram @adele

Focusing your energy on finding lighthearted news and events is certainly a good use of your quarantined time. There’s nothing wrong with tearing yourself away from the 24-hour news cycle in the hopes of finding something light or even silly to brighten your mood. Plus, now you can be the first to tell your friends about Tom Cruise in space, and if that doesn’t make you the star of the Zoom happy hour, nothing will.

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