LeCerre Skincare Works for Skin of Color

Inspired by cultural traditions and backed by science, LeCerre Skincare was specially created for ethnic and dark skin tones to reduce the appearance of dark spots and return skin to a healthy glow. Five natural ingredients give LeCerre’s Rapid Brightening Serum power to lighten under-eye circles, dark spots, sun spots and the discolored patches of melasma.

LeCerre Skincare founder Cathy Beaupain says, “Our message to everyone is to be confident in your skin tone. LeCerre Skincare offers clean non-toxic skincare that is effective and delivers results.” She is proud her brand simplifies complicated, multi-step skincare routines into one serum that is safe for all skin types.

Her skincare line evolved out of Ms. Beaupain’s frustrating search for products that would safely and effectively diminish her own melasma and adult acne scars. Nothing she tried worked.

Reducing the risk of hyperpigmentation
Ms. Beaupain developed a serum that gently inhibits melanin production and reduces the risk of hyperpigmentation. Her mission became launching the company to offer innovative, clinical skincare solutions for women of color.

“At LeCerre, we will be honest and share that there is no permanent cure for melasma and dark spots, not even lasers or hydroquinone,” Ms. Beaupain says. “Worse, the side effects of hydroquinone include increased sun sensitivity, redness, inflammation and the blue-black pigmentation of ochronosis.” Hydroquinone is a skin bleaching cream that decreases the formation of melanin in the skin, but it works best on lighter skin tones. It may worsen hyperpigmentation in darker skin tones.

Created as a better alternative to skin bleach
Clinical studies have shown that within three months after treatments using hydroquinone and lasers, patients with darker skin see a return of their dark spots and discolorations. “LeCerre was created to offer a better, more effective formulation that is non-toxic,” says Ms. Beaupain. “We believe that the quality, freshness and potency of our products are the cornerstones of great skincare.”

LeCerre Skincare offers non-toxic, clean skincare designed for everyday use, and even while pregnant or nursing. The products are cruelty-free with no parabens, sulfates or synthetic fragrances.

Fewer bottles, better environment
Just as important to LeCerre’s founder is adopting business practices that are ethical and environmentally friendly. “Our simplified approach to skincare helps the environment by reducing consumption,” says Ms. Beaupain. “The fewer the bottles, the better for the environment.” Each LeCerre product delivers the benefits of at least three typical skincare products and, by design, reduces the need for packaging. The company uses recycled materials for packaging whenever possible.

As a member of One Percent for the Planet, her company commits 1 percent of annual sales to support the environment and underserved communities globally. “The issue we are most passionate about is providing access to clean water,” says Ms. Beaupain. “Why clean water?  Because access to safe water is foundational to the development of any community to improve health, food security, and education. It is key to unlock a community’s full potential.”

“We believe anyone can make a difference to improve the lives of others and our planet.  We have a choice,“ Ms. Beaupain says.

Returning to biochemistry beginnings
Cathy Beaupain is a former executive at a Fortune 100 skincare company where she worked with more than 600 amazing brands such as SkinCeuticals and Skinmedica. That firm was one of the first e-commerce retailers to carry Drunk Elephant products. Returning to her roots as a trained biochemist to launch her own company, she began researching skin diversity and innovation in skincare ingredients and developed her first product, the LeCerre Rapid Brightening Serum.

Her skincare line can be found at the lecerre.com website and the @lecerreskin Instagram. Readers who visit the website will find a discount coupon for 20% off for first time customers who sign up for the LeCerre Skincare newsletter. The coupon expires seven days after subscribing.

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