How To Get Motivated To Workout Again

Quarantine 2020—Netflix, lounge clothes, and lots of banana bread. The consequence? The Quarantine 15. When gyms and fitness studios shuttered, our motivation to workout went right out the window. You figured since you were hanging at home for the next few months, no one would see you anyways, right? So you skipped your yoga sessions and replaced them with baking. Your early morning workouts were replaced with sleeping in. Before you knew it, you hadn’t worked out for a month. Not only does that impact our bodies, it also affects us emotionally. It’s hard to get back into a workout routine after going steady with your couch and cozy clothes. Feeling the same way?  Here’s a few ways to get motivated to workout again:

Treat yourself to a new workout outfit

There’s just something exciting about a new outfit. As soon as you unbox new athletic wear, you want to put it on. When we’re in our cute new workout clothes, we find that we’re more willing to get a workout in, even if it’s just a walk around our neighborhoods.

Find inspiration

We live in the age of influence. By this we mean social media. How many times have you been scrolling on Instagram and have been influenced to buy a new piece of home décor or clothing? It’s a thing! So find some fitness/wellness accounts on Instagram and let yourself be influenced. We love seeing how others live healthy lifestyles and even finding new workout routines!

Set an intention

You’ve probably heard this one before, but going on a walk is the solution to many problems. Going on a walk is the perfect time to set intentions with yourself. Why do you work out? What are your goals? Remind yourself that you’re lucky to be able to workout and move your body, rather than looking at it as a chore. It’s all about changing your mentality.

So if you’re ready to dust off your sneakers and get moving, these are just a few ways to find that motivation again. Be patient with yourself. Motivation doesn’t come back all at once. You got this!

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