3 Ways to Celebrate Your Birthday While in Quarantine

From birthday parties to event cancellations, this season is on hold (indefinitely). The list of family and friend get togethers we’re missing out on right now goes on and on. On pause: bachelor & bachelorette parties, bridal showers, weddings, baby showers, gender reveal parties, weekend getaways, family trips – you get the point. However, the most common celebration that we’re putting a twist on and changing up is the birthday party.

In addition to people finding creative ways to spend their time (shout out to all of the TikTok video clips on repeat), while maintaining physical and social distancing, they’re also coming up with ways to celebrate their friends and family members’ special day. Although wining, dining and dancing in-person (as a group) isn’t an option, it’s still possible to send birthday love. Check out the following ways to celebrate your favorite fam and friends without breaking the rules.

  1. Call In & Catch Up: organize an online group chat to talk and sing

With face-to-face social networks such as Zoom & Houseparty exploding onto the scene, schedule a group chat on behalf of your significant other, family member or best friend in order to “share” a slice of birthday cake and sing “Happy Birthday” (off pitch and on delay) as a collective.

  1. Put a Stamp on It: send a card (in the mail)

Because there is (almost) nothing better than receiving snail mail. Take the time to make and write a card. Organize a solo (or family) arts and crafts session and spend the afternoon on the mini creative project. If you’re interested in bringing about an even bigger smile, send a personalized gift basket. From wine and cheese to plants and flowers to cookies and cupcakes, order or create a grab bag of goodies.

  1. Decorate and Dash: stop by to house to add a pop of color

Call a small group of close friends (i.e. the people who would’ve been responsible for throwing the traditional birthday party under normal circumstances) and go in on buying, planning, and decorating their place of residence. Choose different times to go as families to decorate their place. Whether sprucing up the front door, garage, patio, and/or porch, banners, bouquets, and more. For extra points, share a message via a poster, make a toast, or perform a song and dance routine from across the street.

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