Home Office Must-Haves

Over the last few years, more and more people have made the transition to working from home. And while it’s pretty great, it can be hard to get certain tasks done without the essentials. Whether you’re new to WFH or have been doing so for a while, these are some must-haves every home office should have.

Logitech C920s Pro 1080 Webcam ($69.99, shop here)

A good webcam is essential for those who participate in a lot of virtual meetings, and this one from Logitech doesn’t disappoint. The sound pickup and image quality are top-notch, and the clip-on design makes it suitable for an external monitor or laptop. It also features a privacy shutter for extra protection when not in use.

Uperfect Truely 4K Portable Computer Monitor ($359.99, shop here)

If you spend a lot of time in front of your computer with multiple windows open at a time, you could probably benefit from an additional monitor. Constantly having to switch between tabs can become annoying and confusing. Having a second screen allows you to organize your windows effectively – and they’re especially useful if you need to cross-reference something.

Bestek Power Strip Surge Protector with USB ($13.99, shop here)

When you work from home, you typically have more electronics that need to be plugged in than you do electrical outlets. A power strip surge protector will protect your devices during a power surge. This one also features built-in USB outlets, so you can easily plug in devices without their added adaptors. It can also be secured to walls, baseboards, or furniture.

Office Star Ergonomically Designed Knee Chair ($170, shop here)

This ergonomic office chair can easily be rolled under your desk when you’re not working, but that’s not the best part. This specially designed chair forces you to keep your spine upright and engage your core. After long-term use, you should notice that your back muscles have strengthened and your circulation has improved.

Blue Snowball iCE Plug ‘n Play USB Microphone ($49.99, shop here)

Do you find yourself constantly raising your voice during Zoom calls so you can be heard through your computer microphone? If so, you definitely could benefit from a USB microphone. This one is super easy to use and has great audio quality.

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