Exercise Trends for 2023

You probably aren’t surprised to learn that one of the most popular new year’s resolutions is a commitment to exercising more. With that in mind, we thought we’d look at what the new year has in store in terms of exercise trends. So whether your new year’s resolution is to start a fitness routine or you’re looking for new ways to work up a sweat, here are some of the top predicted exercise trends for 2023!


This Olympic athlete-approved workout routine might be short, but it is no joke; it will kick your booty! Tabata is a type of HIIT (high-intensity interval training) circuit where you combine timed high-intensity moves followed by timed breaks. Generally, fitness professionals follow this routine:

  • Eight work and rest cycles consisting of 20-second bursts and 10-second rests (1 round = 4 minutes); exercises alternate between squats, high knees, lunges, mountain climbers, burpees, crunches, pushups, jumping jacks, planks, and more.
  • One minute of recovery after every round
  • Four rounds total for a 20-minute training circuit

Group Workouts

The popularity of in-person group workouts is expected to surge in 2023 as people are eager to get out and enjoy encouragement from friends, gym buddies, and community members. To keep up with group demand, many online workout platforms will start integrating live features.

VR Workouts

Virtual reality is becoming increasingly popular, and it’s making its way into the fitness world. With a VR headset, you can participate in heart-pumping routines and games that include everything from cardio to strength training. Have fun while letting the technology worry about whether you’re in the proper position to complete your workout effectively and efficiently.

Wearable Technologies

In 2023, fitness trackers and smartwatches will introduce new and improved health features that can record your heart rate, stress, sleeping habits, calories burned, and so much more. These developments allow people to see how their bodies respond to different exercises as they complete them.

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Personalized Workouts

As wearable tech continues to collect personal data, it’s expected that customized workouts will emerge that are tailored to each individual via their smart devices. Expect personalized fitness routines designed to produce the best possible results for your body.

What exercise trends are you looking forward to trying this year? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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